How to wear a dress that’s too short

I guess you have a dress that you got for a present that’s cute, but just not the right length for you. Or in some strange state of mind, you bought a dress that crosses that fine line of tasteful short hem. We’ve all been there. That’s why I gathered a few tips on how to wear a dress that’s too short and still look great.

Some time ago, I ordered this black dress from Shein. I like its simple design and casual style. But it turned out to be a bit shorter than I am comfortable wearing. I do like short skirts and dresses, but the loose pattern of this dress makes me kinda look like I forgot my pants at home. Anyway, I wanted to figure out the way to wear it. So this is what I figured out when I was trying to style that dress.





If you want to wear a dress that’s too short, it must not look like a dress that’s too short. So you need to shorten that hem some more. You’d like to achieve the look as if the dress was meant to be a tunic. The easiest way to do that is to put a belt or a scarf around your waist or hips. You can pick one in the same color, or opt for some bold contrast and make your outfit eye-catching.



This is the obvious one. You’ll need to wear the dress with something that covers your butt. Choose jeans for the casual look. Pencil pants also go well with the tunic-like dresses and are a great choice for a more sophisticated look. Here I wear the dress with the black jeans, but I also wore it with this black and white shorts. Also, don’t be afraid to pair it with a skirt. Find out what works the best for you, but make sure it is flattering for your body shape.



Unless you are very tall, you’d want to wear some shoes with heels. The reason is simple. The tunic-like dress will hang somewhere around your hips and visually elongate the whole upper part of your body. If mother nature didn’t gift you with super-long legs, high heels should achieve the balance.


So, what do you think about those tips? Have you ever been in the same situation and have you come up with any other solutions?





So do you think I managed to style the dress well?

Both the dress and the black jeans are from Shein. You can find them here and here.




YOINS ripped denim skirt review

Hi, guys! Long time no see! But I’m back now with a recommendation for a new place to shop online. Also, I will give you the discount code, so stay tuned.


YOINS fashion brand

Today I want to present you another fashion brand that sells trendy clothes at affordable prices. YOINS is one of those big brands whose goal is to offer such a huge range of clothing items for us to shop online. They sell everything from clothes, shoes, accessories to lingerie, swimsuits, and activewear. There is also a very generous offer for ladies that are plus size. They have the whole section of men’s clothes, too.

Basically, the idea is that you can shop there anything you need. So, their site is worth checking out because the chances are that you’ll find there that special-occasion dress that you need or a new jacket for fall or – well there are a lot of things.


ripped denim skirt from YOINS

I ordered this denim skirt because firstly, it’s cute and secondly, you can never have enough denim skirts in your closet. I like it because it’s so flattering on the body. I mean, if the booty looks good in it, then there’s nothing to think about.

But as you can see, it is not quite the same as in the picture on the site, right? It’s less ripped, less bleached, the waist is not that high, and the denim is not as solid as it appears to be. However, I didn’t expect a very thick denim as they state the material is polyester and denim.

I know I have to be cautious when ordering online because what you see is not always what you really get. So, I always read. If you want to find out some more tips on online shopping, check out my previous post. Anyway, I am happy with the material of this skirt because it has some stretch to it and it’s really comfortable.


My experience with YOINS – the YOINS review

This was the first time I ordered something from this site. Is the item the same as in the photo? Nope. But I can say that my overall experience is positive. The fit is good and also is the material. The skirt is trendy and easy to style. I especially like that the hem is longer in the back. The design is classy with an edgy twist. I’m sure I’ll wear it a lot.


YOINS discount code! Yay!

So if you like this skirt (the one that I’m wearing, as that is what you get), you can shop it here. Do check other stuff they offer here. And you can use the code BLOG15 for the 15% off!





I hope that this has been helpful.

If you want to know where my blouse is from, visit my Instagram.

Have a great weekend!

Tips on Shopping at Shein – Shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review




When it comes to online shopping from brands that sell trendy and cheap clothes, you might be wondering about many things. Will the garment look the same as in the photo?  Will it be of a satisfying quality? Am I going to waste my money? Is that brand a scam?

Shein is the big, worldwide shipping online clothing store that offers really affordable on-trend clothes. You’ve probably already heard about it or shopped from it. I did a few reviews of their products in some of the previous posts. This post, however, won’t be the standard review post. As someone who has experience with shopping at Shein, I want to share with you tips and tricks on how to choose clothes from Shein and how to get exactly what you’ve ordered.





Don’t be lazy on this one. Measure tape should be your best friend when ordering from Shein. Don’t even think of relying solely on size marks like S, M, L et cetera.  Sizes are not standardized. Which means that different models of blouses, for example, won’t be the same size in cm, even if all labeled as XS.

Also, the size you usually wear might differ from one that will fit you when ordering from Shein. Their clothes are from China so they may be made to fit primarily Asian body figure. Measure yourself precisely and compare that to the detailed sizing chart in the Size and Fit section next to each clothing item.

When trying to pick the right size, also notice the fabric the garment is made of. Which brings us to the second tip.



The quality of the garment depends immensely on the material it’s made of. The same thing can be said about the price. You cannot expect high-quality natural fabric if the price is $10. That being said, you can still pick wisely.

In the Description of the item, take a look at Material and Fabric. Is there a note 100% cotton or 100% polyester? If you want to buy a blouse or a dress, both could be OK. But if you are looking for a coat, it just won’t look as good if it is made of 100% polyester rather than 100% wool. And if it doesn’t have a lining.

So read the description carefully! Also, read if the fabric has a lot, a little or no stretch? That can help you imagine how the item will fit you and pick the right size.



If you want to make sure to get what you see, put a little bit of your time in researching. You can find users reviews for many items on Shen site. Read them all. Look at the photos of bloggers styling that item, if there are any. Maybe even try to find the blogger’s reviews of that particular garment on the Google.

It happened to me that I liked some items from their site very much, but when I couldn’t find any review or even the photo of the model in that garment, I just gave up on ordering them. I only order items that have good reviews and which fit is clearly showed in the photos.

By following those rules, I’ve only had good experience with Shein so far. Of course, you can always take a risk, but if you do, don’t get disappointed if what you got isn’t what you imagined.



You finally placed your order, and you can’t wait to get and wear your new trendy clothes. Well, you will have to wait for some time. The items are shipped from China, so the shipping time depends on where you live.

Visit the Shipping Info page on Shein site and find out about how it takes for the package to arrive in your country. If you need clothes for some set date or for a vacation, make sure to order in time. You can also pay some extra money for the express shipping if you don’t find the fee a bit pricey.



Shipping time can differ from country to country, and also does the shipping fee. For the USA it’s not much ($3.99), but for other countries, it can get much higher. Learn about shipping fee for your country on the Shipping Info page.

However, Shein offers a good deal – shop over $50 and get the free shipping. You might think, “I don’t want to spend $50 on clothes now, I just want that cute shirt.” And I get you. But you can gather a few friends of yours, and if each of you orders one or two items, there you have free shipping. 




Shein is a place where you can find clothes that are fashionable and very affordable. The range of clothes, shoes, and accessories they are offering is wide. If you want cheap clothes for a season or two, they might be the right choice for you. There are no taxes when you receive the package, so you don’t have to pay any additional fees except for the shipping fee. Follow the tips on shopping at Shein, and it’s highly likely that you will be satisfied with this brand.

In those photos, you can see me wearing Cowl Neck Dip HEm Swing Dress and Open Front Roll Up Sleeve Duster Coat form Shein. Browse their site here.

Did you have experience with shopping at Shein? Do you like this brand? Do you find these tips helpful? Share your thoughts with me!

Thanks for reading!



How to Wear Scarves: Tips and Tricks

Today’s topic is scarves. Women either love them and wear them or love them but don’t wear them. I was one of the second ones before I discovered how scarves can be fun. So, to whichever group you belong, this is a post for you. Get an inspo or learn how to wear this beautiful and useful accessory. All featured scarves are from Mayil Scarves. They are handmade from natural fabrics from India and their aesthetics recall vibrant and mystique eastern culture. See how I and my girlfriends styled them and made cool urban looks with a colorful touch of India and get the code for the money off at the end of the post!



Yes, chokers are everywhere. They tend to become boring, don’t they? This is a way how to spice that trend up and give it more sophisticated look. Wear a skinny scarf as a necklace with a silk dress, make the color pop out, let the ends of the scarf flare behind you as you walk and look how everybody wants to steal your outfit.
The photos are taken by a photographer Stanislav Miljanovic.
I am wearing the skinny silk scarf.

Sometimes when my hair is not fresh clean I hide that with a scarf and plus I look extra cool. Scarves on your head give those fun summer vibes and there are many ways to style them. Wear them with cute dresses and play with patterns, wear them on some casual tee-and-jeans look to make it more interesting, or hide all of your hair in a scarf to protect it from the sun. Google how to tie a scarf around your head if you don’t have experience and try out something new!
My dear, beautiful friend Bojana was a model for those photos shot by me.

Mostly we wear scarves like this. Around our necks. What a great way to upgrade an outfit. Let scarves be bright and colorful, let them cheer you up! They are there to frame your face, therefore be sure the colors fit your tan. Scarves can also emphasize your makeup and you can match the eyeshadow with the scarf. They are there just so you can look more stylish: let the scarf hang over your shoulder for that I-am-so-effortlessly-fashionable look.
My another dear, beautiful friend Natasha has styled the green chiffon scarf and the blue aqua chiffon scarf. Photos are taken by Stefan Hinic.




Actually two scarves. Tigh one scarf loosely around your neck with its ends hanging on your back. I put a chain necklace as a special touch of gold and some extra stabilization. Put another scarf through the loop and tie it around your body. And there you have a new top! You can do that with one scarf also, but this is more interesting as you can mix colors. This is a great way to wear scarves for those hot summer days when you would like to have as little clothes on you as you can, and those natural materials will let your skin breathe. Also, this is an easy way to be super stylish for the beach. You can wear the coat over the top for the more covered street style look.
I have mixed the red cotton scarf and arabesque scarf.
Photos are taken by Bojana.


Hope you liked this post. Visit Mayil Scarves to find more beautiful accessories! And here is something great. They provide all of you, my dear readers, with the code HELEN20 to get 20% discount on your entire purchase!

clothing candies from the brand Cruel Candy






Hello, everybody! Here is another post in which I recommend a Greek handmade clothing brand. This time it is about Cruel Candy. Their recognizable sign is a use of such interesting printed fabrics, so in their offer you can find a world map dress, a lots of animal or tattoo prints. I would call the style of their designs quirky cute and girly sexy. The best thing is that every clothing item you order is handmade to your body measurements, so you do not need to worry about the fit! Find out more by visiting their shop.

These photos are took by young and talented photographer Stanislav Miljanovic, who was really fun to work with. Check out more of his work here and here.

I am wearing the Black and White cotton skirt in this post, and below you can see some more photos of my previous work with this brand that you know if you follow me on Instagram. So, aren’t their clothes the cutest?



Photos by my sister Jefimija Djokic

I am wearing Tropical Leaves Crop Top and Skirt  and theBlack Mini Dress with Petar Pan Collar



easy retro look with Le Mouton Bleu clothing







This post is a result of my collaboration with the Greek designer clothing brand Le Mouton Bleu. Their garments are handmade and their designs have that adorable retro vibe with a unique twist. I am so glad I have discovered this brand and I am thrilled to share it with you. It is a real gem out there and you will love it either your style gravitates towards the fashion of earlier decades, or you follow the trends, as retro is so in right now. I am wearing the full circle viscose skirt that falls so nicely and flatters woman’s body. The skirt is now on sale – it is €55.00 and the link is here. The great thing is that they have a lot of beautiful clothes on sale, like velvet wide leg culottes or satin brocade bomber jacket or a jumpsuit with open back. Do visit their site and get original, limited edition designer items that will make you feel great and help you express your unique yourself. And that is what fashion is all about, right?
These cinematic shots are took by talented photographer Stefan Hinic.



the kingdom of jewelry at 7 Charming Sisters






Hello, my lovelies! This post is a result of a collaboration between the two fashionable sisters and the jewelry brand 7 Charming Sisters. The brand might have a fairy tale-like name, but the reality is that they offer such a wide range of jewelry that you would be amazed.

7 Charming Sisters is a brand created by seven long time colleagues. I have to tell you that I am really fond of their concept that includes seven different lines of jewelry represented by each charming sister: Paula, the elegant Classy Chick, Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party, Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista, Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly, Jessica, the smart and Sexy Nerd, Kimberly, The cute girl Next Door and Melissa, the sporty Super Mom. Which sister you would relate to? (If you are not sure, you can take a quiz on their site to define that!)

So, if you look for the right jewelry to express your personal style you are on the right place. In this post I wanted to show you how both me and my sister found a piece of jewelry from 7 Charming Sisters that perfectly matches our personal styles. As my sister, Jefimija, has a bohemian twist in her casual outfits, the delicate golden chain necklace with blue stones from the All -American Girl collection was the perfect choice for her. On the other hand, my style is more urban, so I fell in love with the metal chains punk-like statement necklace from the Fashionista line. Do you like how those necklaces accomplish our outfits?

Not just that this brand has amazingly wide range of jewelry to pick from for many various occasions, but their work ethics is worth of respect. 7 Charming Sisters employs and helps employing people with intellectual disabilities and many of their handmade pieces are handcrafted in their studio by those. The human and empathetic idea behind the work policy of this brand is something we really need to see more in today’s fashion industry.

To sum up, 7 Charming Sisters is the jewelry brand I would highly recommend. Not only you will find a piece of jewelry (or probably a lot) that fits your taste beautifully, but so will your sister and your friends, too. The prices are really reasonable and the great thing is that they give big discounts. So, head up to their site and get lost in the pretty world of 7 Charming Sisters and be free in expressing your true self!
Jefimija is wearing The Great Outdoors Necklace
I am wearing the Urban Legend Necklace that was $ 59.99 and now is only $ 7.00!

raincoats as a new fashion statement









Rains raincoat from FQuirky; clutch made by me; photos by Jefimija Djokic

EN: Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom would make you wear a raincoat? I had even worse traumatic experience from childhood. On some of our trips abroad, my mom had bought a small umbrella. But, unfortunately for me, it wasn’t an ordinary umbrella for children. It was some kind of special umbrella that didn’t have the stick but was supposed to be attached to your haid. Yes, I remember when I went to school with the umbrella-hat that nobody in my country has ever seen before and of course, the children were laughing and were very confused what the hell that was on my head.  My future kid, I promise I won’t do anything similar to you, I will pretend that you are my doll only till the moment you become aware of your clothes and accessories. Now I am laughing at that memory. I mean, that umbrella is a really avant-garde invention. I would appreciate it today, but I wouldn’t wear it, though. I don’t ever carry any umbrellas unless it’s raining cats and dogs. You can connect the dots!

As you can see, I really need a substitution to umbrellas. So, raincoats are perfect! Not just that they are very useful (they are light and can be carried in a bag in a case of emergency, they protect you from the wind, too), but I see them as a fashion statement. I don’t know how it is in your town, but here in Belgrade, as soon as the fall and bad weather start, people just sink into their boring black and gray jackets and with the first rains the colors are washed off from the city streets, too. Late autumn can be depressive itself, so walking by colorless people and wearing colorless clothes aren’t helpful at all. That’s why I am opting for bright yellow raincoat to fight the gray rainy day as I truly believe the clothes we wear really affect our feelings, were we aware of that or not. Also, being dry is a relly nice thing, isn’t it? I hope you haven’t had some bad experience with the raincoats in your early years, but if you did, just remember that I had a worse one and wear a raincoat again.

This raincoat is from FQuirky, an online shop started a few month ago by Elana & Carl Lenox, wife, and husband. It features clothes and accessories from several thoroughly picked brands and most them are unisex (like this raincoat). You should visit  their shop and see some more raincoats from a Danish brand Rains. If the yellow one is too much for you, you might check the rust one, it is pretty cool, too. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram if you like them.

Ps. The triangle bag is made by me. I was inspired by this raincoat to make it. I used waterproof vinyl of the shiny grayish color and added a bright yellow zipper, because, as I said, fashion is always some kind of a statement, and you chose if it is going to be a boring one.

SR: Da li se sećate kad ste bili mali, a mama vas je terala da obučete kabanicu? Ja sam imala još traumatičnije iskustvo iz detinjstva. Na nekom od naših boravaka u inostranstvu, mama je bila kupila jedan mali kišobran za mene. No, na moju nesreću, to nije bio običan kišobran. Nije uopšte imao dršku, nego je trebalo da se jednim kaišem pričvrsti oko glave. Dobro se sećam kako me je mama poslala sa tim šeširom-kišobranom u školu. Naravno da su se deca smejala tom čudu na mojoj glavi, jer nikad u životu tako nešto nisu videla. Moje drago buduće dete, obećavam da ti neću učiniti ništa slično i da ćeš biti moja lutka za oblačenje samo do trenutka dok ne postaneš svesno svoje odeće i aksesoara, takođe. Danas se smešim na tu uspomenu. Ipak je taj kišobran skroz avangardni izum i danas bih ga zaista cenila. Što ne znači da bih ga nosila. Više ne nosim nkakve kišobrane osim ako baš ne lije, pa vi sad povežite činjenice.

Vidi se da je meni zaista potrebna zamena za kišobran, i tu kišni kaputi nastupaju na scenu. Ali, ne samo da su jako korisni (lagani su i mogu da se nose u torbi i obuku preko teksas jakne u slučaju otvaranja neba, a i odlično štite od vetra), nego ih vidim i kao jedan modni stav. Verujem da ste primetili kako u Beogradu sa dolaskom jeseni i ružnim vremenom svi potonu u dosadne crne i sive jakne, a prve kiše speru sve boje sa ulica. Kasna jesen može biti depresivna sama po sebi, a svakodnevno prolaženje pored bezbojnih ljudi i nošenje bezbojne odeće nimalo ne pomaže. Zbog toga ja glasam za drečavo žutu kabanicu kao oružje protiv sivih, jesenjih, kišnih dana, jer zaista verujem da odeća koju nosimo utiče na naša osećanja i raspoloženja, bili mi svesni toga ili ne. Takođe, ne biti mokar je veoma dobrodošla stvar, zar ne. Nadam se da niste imali neko loše iskustvo sa kabanicama iz ranih godina, a ako jeste, samo se setite da sam ja imala još gore i suočite se ponovo sa kabanicom.

Ovaj kišni kaput je iz online prodavnice FQuirky, pokrenute pre nekoliko meseci od strane bračnog para Elane i Karla Lenoksa. Oni prodaju odeću i aksesoar nekoliko različitih, pažljivo odabranih brendova i većina stvari je uniseks (kao i ova akbanica). Posetitie njihovu prodavicu i pogledajte još kaputa danske modne kuće Rains. Ako je ova žuta boja previše za vas, preporučujem i kabanicu boje rđe, koja je takođe prekul. Zapratite ih i na Facebooku i Instagramu, ako želite.

Ps. Torbu u obliku trougla sam ja sašila. Bila sam inspirisana upravo ovom kabanicom. Koristila sam veštačku kožu otpornu na vodu, zanimljive stukture i sjajne, sivkaste boje, kojoj sam dodala drečavo žuti rajsferšlus. Jer, kao što sam rekla, moda je uvek tu da poruči nešto, a mi biramo da li će izjava biti dosadna ili ne.