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Hello, my lovelies! This post is a result of a collaboration between the two fashionable sisters and the jewelry brand 7 Charming Sisters. The brand might have a fairy tale-like name, but the reality is that they offer such a wide range of jewelry that you would be amazed.

7 Charming Sisters is a brand created by seven long time colleagues. I have to tell you that I am really fond of their concept that includes seven different lines of jewelry represented by each charming sister: Paula, the elegant Classy Chick, Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party, Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista, Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly, Jessica, the smart and Sexy Nerd, Kimberly, The cute girl Next Door and Melissa, the sporty Super Mom. Which sister you would relate to? (If you are not sure, you can take a quiz on their site to define that!)

So, if you look for the right jewelry to express your personal style you are on the right place. In this post I wanted to show you how both me and my sister found a piece of jewelry from 7 Charming Sisters that perfectly matches our personal styles. As my sister, Jefimija, has a bohemian twist in her casual outfits, the delicate golden chain necklace with blue stones from the All -American Girl collection was the perfect choice for her. On the other hand, my style is more urban, so I fell in love with the metal chains punk-like statement necklace from the Fashionista line. Do you like how those necklaces accomplish our outfits?

Not just that this brand has amazingly wide range of jewelry to pick from for many various occasions, but their work ethics is worth of respect. 7 Charming Sisters employs and helps employing people with intellectual disabilities and many of their handmade pieces are handcrafted in their studio by those. The human and empathetic idea behind the work policy of this brand is something we really need to see more in today’s fashion industry.

To sum up, 7 Charming Sisters is the jewelry brand I would highly recommend. Not only you will find a piece of jewelry (or probably a lot) that fits your taste beautifully, but so will your sister and your friends, too. The prices are really reasonable and the great thing is that they give big discounts. So, head up to their site and get lost in the pretty world of 7 Charming Sisters and be free in expressing your true self!
Jefimija is wearing The Great Outdoors Necklace
I am wearing the Urban Legend Necklace that was $ 59.99 and now is only $ 7.00!

edgy boho







EN: Clothing items of simple, everyday patterns can become more interesting and eye-catching if there are some interesting prints. I love geometric prints, especially black and white, so I had to buy these fabrics. I chose the cardigan pattern to be simple and straight because of the bold fabric design,  but I could not resist to play a little bit and disrupt the regularity of the pattern with pockets and especially the self fabric tape on the neck and along the opening. As for the pattern of the shorts, I used an old brother’s shorts as a basis and adjusted it to the female figure. There are two small pleats in the front, and a elastic waist band, which makes this item very comfortable. This is perhaps the third or fourth such shorts that I have sewed. (One of them is in this post.) I also made this bucket bag of silver false leather, that I love insanely for its color and structure (it’s neither too firm nor too soft), and I’ve imagined about a million more other stuff that I could make of it. (In this post I have already said what silver color means to me and why I feel so good in it.) All three necklaces were made of polymer clay, which I discovered two years ago as a great fun. I haven’t used it for quite a time but now I’m coming back to this hobby again. I like so much the color of this T-shirt and it is the perfect tester for the color-blind  (is it blue or green?). It is an old boyfriend’s T-shirt, which now became mine, and I’ve cut its sleeves and a neckline, because I have a physical need to cut things. OK, I have finished  enumerating now, but forgive me for the stylistic clumsiness because of the fact that almost everything I wear is the work of my hands. Not that it was planed, things just matched like that…

SR: Odevni komadi jednostavnih, opuštenih krojeva postaju interesantniji i upečatljiviji ako su zanimljivog printa. Obožavam geometrijske printove, posebno crno-bele, tako da sam morala da imam ove materijale. Odabrala sam da kroj džempera bude što jednostavniji i ravan zbog krupnoće šara, ali nisam mogla da odolim da se malo ne poigram i ne poremetim njihovu pravilnost džepovima i posebno trakama na izrezima oko vrata i duž otvora. Što se tiče kroja šortsa, iskoristila sam bratov stari šorts za osnovni kroj i prilagodila ga ženskoj figuri. Napred ima dve male falte, i na lastiš je, zbog čega je jako udoban i nosiv. Ovo je možda treći-četvrti ovakav šorts koji sam sašila. (Jedan od njih je i u ovom postu.) Torbu sam, takođe, ja napravila od srebrne eko kože, koju neizmerno obožavam zbog boje i strukture (nije ni previše čvrsta ni previše mekana), i zamislila sam otprilike još milion stvari koje bih mogla od nje da sašijem. (U ovom postu sam već govorila šta sve srebrna boja za mene označava i zbog čega mi toliko prija.) Sve tri ogrlice sam napravila od plastelina za nakit, koji sam otkrila pre dve godine kao divnu zabavu. Duže vreme ga nisam uopšte koristila, ali sad se opet po malo vraćam i tom hobiju. Majica, čija boja mi se toliko sviđa, i koja je savršen tester za daltoniste (da li je plava il zelena?) je stara dečkova, a sad moja, kojoj sam isekla rukave i otvor oko vrata, jer imam fizičku potrebu da kasapim stvari. Ok, završila sam nabrajanje, al’ oprostićete stilsku neodmerenost teksta zbog činjenice da je skoro sve što nosim delo mojih ruku. Nije da je to bio plan, stvari su se jednostavno tako uklopile…