Tips on Shopping at Shein – Shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review

tips for shopping at shein - shein review




When it comes to online shopping from brands that sell trendy and cheap clothes, you might be wondering about many things. Will the garment look the same as in the photo?  Will it be of a satisfying quality? Am I going to waste my money? Is that brand a scam?

Shein is the big, worldwide shipping online clothing store that offers really affordable on-trend clothes. You’ve probably already heard about it or shopped from it. I did a few reviews of their products in some of the previous posts. This post, however, won’t be the standard review post. As someone who has experience with shopping at Shein, I want to share with you tips and tricks on how to choose clothes from Shein and how to get exactly what you’ve ordered.





Don’t be lazy on this one. Measure tape should be your best friend when ordering from Shein. Don’t even think of relying solely on size marks like S, M, L et cetera.  Sizes are not standardized. Which means that different models of blouses, for example, won’t be the same size in cm, even if all labeled as XS.

Also, the size you usually wear might differ from one that will fit you when ordering from Shein. Their clothes are from China so they may be made to fit primarily Asian body figure. Measure yourself precisely and compare that to the detailed sizing chart in the Size and Fit section next to each clothing item.

When trying to pick the right size, also notice the fabric the garment is made of. Which brings us to the second tip.



The quality of the garment depends immensely on the material it’s made of. The same thing can be said about the price. You cannot expect high-quality natural fabric if the price is $10. That being said, you can still pick wisely.

In the Description of the item, take a look at Material and Fabric. Is there a note 100% cotton or 100% polyester? If you want to buy a blouse or a dress, both could be OK. But if you are looking for a coat, it just won’t look as good if it is made of 100% polyester rather than 100% wool. And if it doesn’t have a lining.

So read the description carefully! Also, read if the fabric has a lot, a little or no stretch? That can help you imagine how the item will fit you and pick the right size.



If you want to make sure to get what you see, put a little bit of your time in researching. You can find users reviews for many items on Shen site. Read them all. Look at the photos of bloggers styling that item, if there are any. Maybe even try to find the blogger’s reviews of that particular garment on the Google.

It happened to me that I liked some items from their site very much, but when I couldn’t find any review or even the photo of the model in that garment, I just gave up on ordering them. I only order items that have good reviews and which fit is clearly showed in the photos.

By following those rules, I’ve only had good experience with Shein so far. Of course, you can always take a risk, but if you do, don’t get disappointed if what you got isn’t what you imagined.



You finally placed your order, and you can’t wait to get and wear your new trendy clothes. Well, you will have to wait for some time. The items are shipped from China, so the shipping time depends on where you live.

Visit the Shipping Info page on Shein site and find out about how it takes for the package to arrive in your country. If you need clothes for some set date or for a vacation, make sure to order in time. You can also pay some extra money for the express shipping if you don’t find the fee a bit pricey.



Shipping time can differ from country to country, and also does the shipping fee. For the USA it’s not much ($3.99), but for other countries, it can get much higher. Learn about shipping fee for your country on the Shipping Info page.

However, Shein offers a good deal – shop over $50 and get the free shipping. You might think, “I don’t want to spend $50 on clothes now, I just want that cute shirt.” And I get you. But you can gather a few friends of yours, and if each of you orders one or two items, there you have free shipping. 




Shein is a place where you can find clothes that are fashionable and very affordable. The range of clothes, shoes, and accessories they are offering is wide. If you want cheap clothes for a season or two, they might be the right choice for you. There are no taxes when you receive the package, so you don’t have to pay any additional fees except for the shipping fee. Follow the tips on shopping at Shein, and it’s highly likely that you will be satisfied with this brand.

In those photos, you can see me wearing Cowl Neck Dip HEm Swing Dress and Open Front Roll Up Sleeve Duster Coat form Shein. Browse their site here.

Did you have experience with shopping at Shein? Do you like this brand? Do you find these tips helpful? Share your thoughts with me!

Thanks for reading!