clothing candies from the brand Cruel Candy






Hello, everybody! Here is another post in which I recommend a Greek handmade clothing brand. This time it is about Cruel Candy. Their recognizable sign is a use of such interesting printed fabrics, so in their offer you can find a world map dress, a lots of animal or tattoo prints. I would call the style of their designs quirky cute and girly sexy. The best thing is that every clothing item you order is handmade to your body measurements, so you do not need to worry about the fit! Find out more by visiting their shop.

These photos are took by young and talented photographer Stanislav Miljanovic, who was really fun to work with. Check out more of his work here and here.

I am wearing the Black and White cotton skirt in this post, and below you can see some more photos of my previous work with this brand that you know if you follow me on Instagram. So, aren’t their clothes the cutest?



Photos by my sister Jefimija Djokic

I am wearing Tropical Leaves Crop Top and Skirt  and theBlack Mini Dress with Petar Pan Collar